Altitude - Corporate Training Solutions


Offering prompt, efficient assistance, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. ICFS and Inflight Solutions (a division of ICFS) take pride in offering highly qualified professional flight attendant's that will enhance your VIP experience. We pay special attention to uniquely tailor your clients profile and needs. Our Flight Attendants have mastered the art of creating an exquisite onboard experience with their outstanding etiquette, wine and culinary expertise.

ICFS Services:

  • Qualified and professional Flight Attendants
  • 24/7 Flight Attendant operations services
  • Full-time/ part-time Employee Placement Service
  • Inflight Service Consulting
  • Company stock locker and aircraft amenities management
  • Concierge Catering Service- Let us take care of your catering. ICFS will shop for your amenities and find that appropriate caterer with respect to your budget and style. We will help you create the perfect flight!

ICFS has over 20 Highly Qualified Corporate Flight Attendants throughout Canada. We personally handpick, train and mentor all of our Flight Attendants and they must meet the rigorous safety standards put forth by Transport Canada.